Since GlobeCom was established in 2009, we have always been focused on the environment. After all, this is the core of our business model: doing something good for the environment by reusing and refurbishing IT and medical equipment, while allowing our customers to save money on their IT budget.

However, during the last couple of years, our interest in the environment has increased. Earth Overshoot Day – the day on which the worlds yearly resources have been used – falls earlier and earlier each year. This year, the date was August 1st, the earliest date in history. It is indeed time to take action.

Therefore, in an attempt to become more eco-friendly, GlobeCom has joined the “CO2-neutral website” initiative, which aims to neutralize the CO2 emitted from website bandwidth, server use and more by building renewable energy sources, preventing deforestation, funding reservation projects and the like. You can read more about the CO2 neutralization initiative and see our certificate here.

Obviously, the environment is of great importance to us. Especially when taking the facts into consideration. Did you know that, in producing a standard Laptop, the factory emits between 220 and 270 kg of CO2?And, of the amount of CO2 the Laptop emits during its lifetime, 70% of it is directly traceable to the manufacturing.

How can GlobeCom help you with your CSR?

By partnering with GlobeCom, you can not only save money, but also do something good for the environment. Whether you are in the market to buy or sell equipment, we can help you. By refurbishing and reusing EOL (End of Life) products, we cut down on CO2 emissions drastically. When you choose refurbished equipment, you partake in a form of recycling. Old equipment would otherwise be disposed and thereby contribute to further pollution, thus hurting the environment. Further, as we have already established, the manufacturing of new equipment is not without environmental costs either. Here are some of the advantages of buying refurbished equipment:

  • Cost: Buying refurbished equipment is very cost-efficient, while maintaining the same quality.
  • Quality: By thoroughly testing, we ensure the same quality performance as a new product.
  • Environment: By using refurbished equipment, we lengthen the lifetime of the equipment, thus aiding the sustainability of the environment.

If you are interested in hearing more about our solutions and how we can help your company become more sustainable, feel free to contact us by phone or through the contact form below. We’re always happy to assist and guide you in getting the most out of your IT budget, the eco-friendly way.