Now, why should you buy refurbished hardware instead of brand new hardware?

When you buy refurbished hardware or technology, you are engaging in a form of recycling: Old technology would otherwise be disposed and thereby contributing to pollution – and new technology requires manufacturers to deplete more of the worlds raw materials – So by buying refurbished technology you are investing in sustainability and a better environment – And then you can also save up to 80 % on your IT budget!

We can ensure you that when you choose refurbished hardware then every single piece has been tested and certified using rigorous processes of high standards of remanufacturing meeting original manufacturing standards.

This certification and guarantee include:

  • Remanufacturing utilizing the same rigorous tests processes as new equipment.
  • 1-year warranty on all equipment.
  • Refurbished systems available as “New with warranty”. By this, we mean that it has the same warranty as new equipment.
  • Selected systems eligible for GlobeCom hardware and our maintenance program.
  • Further, it is eligible for financing of leasing services.

“Refurbished hardware” actually means “renovated hardware” but we ensure you that you get the performance and reliability you are used to when buying new – But at a price that meets your IT budget: The same quality, the same guarantees – But with up to 80% savings. Some systems may have some minor surface imperfections but will not in any way affect performance.

If you have any requests or questions – Don’t hesitate to contact us at or via our live chat.