Many manufacturers often set the life cycle on their products much shorter than the actual life span of the product – Even when the end-of-life-products are usually still fine. The only reason they are end-of-life is that of a newer generation is now in the market – But not all businesses are in need for new equipment every 5 years.

Many businesses decide to continue using their current systems – and use the cost of investment for other more profitable purposes – which is a quite logical step for many since there is no need to buy all new equipment when the current one is still working.

What is a refurbished product?

The difference between a refurbished product and a used product is that the refurbished product has been tested and if needed – repaired.  This process includes many diagnostics tests, which filters out non-functional or broken equipment, to bring up the products to the same standards as new products have – and then to be qualified as a refurbished product.

Refurbished equipment is a lot cheaper than new equipment – While being the same quality, after being refurbished.

Why buy refurbished hardware?

  • You can keep using your current systems, since no migration is forced by offering 1:1 replacements.
  • It is very cost efficient, while maintaining the same quality.
  • Same quality performance as a new product.
  • It is lengthening the life of the equipment.
  • Quick delivery of the equipment. Shipping within 1-3 days from order, if not in stock. Manufacturers typically offer delivery within 4-12 weeks.

Now, what is in it for you?

To be ecological in this business is not only a matter of buying equipment to save electricity costs during your daily operations – but rather a question of organizing all of your resources from a lifetime perspective.

Optimising your already existing IT or medical equipment is considered a greater environmental gain than what you can gain on marginally lower power consumption by buying new equipment – Production of new equipment is an enormous burden on the environment that must be taken into the overall environmental consideration.

When you choose refurbished equipment, you are engaging in a form of recycling: Old equipment would otherwise be disposed and thereby contributing to pollution, and new equipment requires manufacturers to deplete more of the world’s raw material – So by buying refurbished equipment you are also investing in sustainability and a better environment – And then you can also save up to 80 % on your budget. This is possible because of our unique leasing consignment agreements with major companies within datacenters, banking, hospitality and more.

GlobeCom can help you achieve a more green and ecological approach – and together we can bring down the production of new equipment by extending the lifetime of already existing equipment – whether it is parts, configurations or systems.

By providing refurbished equipment, with the same performance and approximately the same lifetime as new equipment – you can extend your budget and even improve your return on investment.

With this deal, you will not be forced to migrate to a completely new platform when your manufacturer has made your system and spare parts ‘end-of-life’. We, at GlobeCom, can provide any ‘hard-to-find’ parts in terms of keeping your system running efficiently for many years to come.

And why should you choose to do business with us, then?

There are many sound business reasons to buy refurbished equipment at GlobeCom:


  • Savings up to 80%.
  • A quick delivery from our warehouse with thousands of parts and machines ready to ship.
  • We even buy your used equipment to give you further savings.


  • We will always find the right part for you so there will be no forced migration.
  • Custom-made configurations of systems.
  • We can provide hard-to-find parts that are end-of-life or end-of-service.
  • All of our equipment is being tested and cleaned by our experienced specialized technical team before you receive it.
  • Min. 1 year warranty on all products, whereas manufacturers only offer 3 months.


  • By extending the lifetime of your existing equipment you are reducing the environmental impact – which we appreciate!
  • You also help reduce the amount of CO2 that is being released into the atmosphere and lower the tempo of exhaustible resources depletion – Which we also appreciate a lot!

Would you like to get refurbished equipment and receive money as well?

Not only do GlobeCom provide equipment for you but we also buy back your used equipment.

We will take care of the transportation – all you have to do is to de-install the equipment and have it ready for us to pick up. If it concerns hard drives we can ensure you that all data permanently will be deleted using low-level formatting – which makes the data on the hard drives irretrievable. Read more about this service at Data destruction.

Feel free to contact us with any questions through email