Refurbished hardware- extend value of your IT assets

Here is the deal-breaker

Your retiring IT hardware assets are most likely as young as three years. However, they still work as they should. Did you know the average life span of IT hardware equipment is 5+ years? That means your retiring hardware assets retain the value that can be returned.

And let’s be honest- why would a manufacturer spend resources on extending your retired IT asset life cycle when instead it can offer their latest, brand-new equipment? And yes, manufacturers can help you sell and extend your end-of-life (EOL) equipment. However, getting the most value out of your retired IT hardware assets might be worth considering someone else. That is when ITAD service providers like GlobeCom come into play.

Depending on your situation and business needs, you are left with these options:

One-size-fits-all does not apply in this industry. In fact, no customer is alike. Having 30 years of experience in the field, GlobeCom can guide you through your unique situation and offer a tailormade solution that will benefit your business- executed from A to Z.

Proof of Concept

Read our anonymous case study showcasing how GlobeCom helped a worldwide tech company decommission IT hardware from A to Z and then audited every piece of equipment to ensure no remarketing in the dark.

people auditing IT equipment

Extend lifespan of your retired IT assets

GlobeCom can help you achieve a greener and more ecological approach to IT asset management. Together we can bring down the production of new equipment by extending the lifetime of already existing IT hardware – whether it is parts, configurations, or systems.

Sell your retired IT equipment

Do you want to get rid of your old hardware assets and recover some of their value? GlobeCom is constantly looking for “new” retiring IT hardware assets (server, networking, and storage equipment) and consumer IT (laptops, tablets, smartphones, monitors, etc.). Unsure about the state of your assets and what hardware equipment you have? Do not worry because GlobeCom always
starts with determining equipment’s’ condition.

Through GlobeCom Buyback option, we buy back retired enterprise IT that still has value irrespective of brand. Simply said, you can always sell your hardware to us. Additionally, if we discover hardware assets that are no longer functional and therefore possess no market value- we will recycle them without any additional cost for your business.

Upgrade your IT equipment by leasing or renting

Perhaps your organization is looking for a short-term enterprise IT solution. IT hardware equipment that is reliable and ready to deploy.

We can provide you with a temporary solution and help you with training, testing, relocation management, and disaster recovery operations for when you want to rent.

Or maybe you need to lease equipment for a few months or up to 5 years for a fixed cost throughout the whole period? That way, you can better forecast IT budget costs. And if you worry about refurbished equipment’s quality, all our products are covered with a minimum of 12-month warranty. The warranty can be extended for an additional price.

Buy brand new equipment

Yes, even though we at GlobeCom live & breathe refurbished equipment. We also understand your need to buy brand new enterprise IT. And guess what- we can also help you with that!

GlobeCom offers hardware maintenance SLA combined with an extended warranty and attractive pricing. In our portfolio, you can find new systems and products from the best brands such as CISCO, EMC, IBM, Sun, HP, Dell, HITACHI, and others.

your options: buy brand new, sell retired, rent or lease

Benefits of choosing refurbished hardware

Is refurbished hardware as good as brand new?

Let us make it clear- yes, we are a company specialising in selling refurbished IT equipment. So why should you trust us in saying that refurbished is as good if not better than brand new equipment?

Well, GlobeCom believes in circular technology and the potential of refurbished IT hardware. Here are our five reasons why.

Reason 1

Keep using your current systems

You can keep using your current systems since no migration is forced by offering 1:1 replacement.

With this deal, you will not be forced to migrate to an entirely new platform when your manufacturer has made your system and spare parts ‘end-of-life’. We, at GlobeCom, can provide any ‘hard-to-find’ parts in terms of keeping your system running efficiently for many years to come.

Reason 2

Saving costs

You can save up to 80% on your IT budget by buying refurbished technology. This is possible because of our unique leasing consignment agreements with significant companies within data centres, banking, hospitality, and more.

Reason 3

Fast Delivery

When IT equipment breaks, it is all about time. Since your job is to ensure the data centre constantly runs without interruptions, we understand how costly it can become once hardware breaks. Every hour becomes of importance. GlobeCom can deliver your equipment in a matter of 1-3 working days across the globe. Whereas manufacturers typically provide within 4-12 weeks. Even the 4-12 weeks, might be a wishful scenario for lots of companies these days. Global chip-shortages means that the manufacturer lead times have increased significantly, where lead times like 6 months, are not uncommon.

Reason 4

Good as new quality for lower price

Once retired hardware has gone through the refurbishment process, it works as well as when it was first purchased from the manufacturer. Our IT technicians test every single piece of equipment and if anything is broken- replace the part with a new one. Thus, resetting hardware back to the factory settings also gives the equipment a boost in quality.

And if you are still unsure, then we also extend the warranty for all our refurbished hardware by 12 and up to 36 months. That means we will provide you with a spare part in case something does break without extra cost.

Reason 5

Extending IT asset value = reducing carbon footprint

To be ecological in this business is a question of organizing all your resources from a lifetime perspective.

A large amount of CO2 emissions come from manufacturing electronic devices and in fact, manufacturing a phone account for 85-95 percent of its annual carbon footprint. The mining of metals and manufacturing electronics is an energy-intensive process.

According to Microsoft, their Surface laptop has a carbon footprint of 152 kg CO2. 78% is from manufacturing, whereas the other 20% from using the laptop over a three-year lifetime. You would have to use a Surface laptop for around ten years to match the carbon emissions associated with manufacturing the devices. Ten years! When was the last time you kept a working smartphone or a laptop for ten years?

Therefore, GlobeCom cannot stress the importance of extending electronic device lifespans. That also applies to enterprise hardware- parts, configurations, or systems. And yet, it is uncommon for IT equipment to last for a decade. We might even say- it is impossible knowing how quickly IT hardware becomes outdated.

By renewing retiring hardware and redeploying it, we can save a lot of CO2. And once the equipment becomes non-functional, we must do our best to recycle the equipment so as many virgin materials can be retrieved as possible. From the financial perspective, it is possible to extend your budget and even improve your return on investment.

Circular technology - circular economy

The quest for sustainable a future is a complicated one. There is no one simple solution for greener data centres. A lot of responsibility rests on the manufacturer’s shoulders. A lot can be done to design IT hardware that is easier to reuse repair and generally has a longer life expectancy. Some responsibility rests on the consumers, who demand more powerful technology able to operate/ run the latest software. However, choosing refurbished IT hardware for your business needs is a decision that can be made already today.

Will the refurbished equipment match your current infrastructure? Will it not have problems with constantly breaking? Will it slow down my data centre?

GlobeCom understands your worries about quality. Therefore, our company puts a lot of effort into testing every piece of hardware equipment that arrives at the warehouse. Read on about GlobeCom 5-Step Refurbishment Process.

What is refurbished IT equipment?

Refurbished hardware is often associated with bad quality. However, this prejudice is not true! In fact, refurbished is a synonym of reconditioned, renovated, or restored.

The difference between a refurbished product and a used product is that the refurbished product has been tested and, if needed – repaired. Through the inspection phase, our IT technicians determine which equipment is non-functional, broken, or in working condition. The non-functional equipment will be recycled, whereas the broken one- repaired or replaced.

Do not let the low-price mislead you. Yes, refurbished IT hardware is a lot cheaper than brand new. However, we guarantee good-as-new quality for all our products.

From retired to refurbished

But how does GlobeCom ensures good-as-new quality?

By executing the 5-Step Refurbishment Process.

5-step IT hardware refurbishment process infographic

And why should you choose to do business with us, then?




Would you like to get refurbished IT hardware and receive money as well?

Apart from us providing you with IT equipment we also buy back used IT hardware. GlobeCom will take care of the decommission:

Read our case study to find out how GlobeCom successfully carried out decommission solution to a worldwide tech company.

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