Dispose of used IT hardware

You want to dispose of your end-of-life IT hardware assets and recover their value. After all, your business has used many resources to ensure your IT infrastructure runs perfectly.

Thus, figuring out how to dispose of your retired IT equipment in an environment-friendly way can quickly become overwhelming.

Ensuring secure IT asset disposal (ITAD) service is one of the top priorities at GlobeCom. When choosing us as your trusted ITAD partner, you can expect the following, among more:

We can help you reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) by remarketing your retired IT hardware assets. Our in-house IT technicians will meticulously test, evaluate, and data erase agreed upon units.

Project Mapping

Project Mapping

In-House IT Technicians

In House IT Technicians

professional hardware removal

Professional Hardware Removal

IT Hardware Audit & Testing

IT Hardware Audit & Testing

Certified & 100% Guaranteed Data Erasure

Certified & 100% Guaranteed Data Erasure In Tamper-Proof Reports

secure transportation

Secure Transportation

Asset Recovery

GlobeCom Asset Recovery Process consists of:

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Audits & Reporting

What differentiates GlobeCom from other value-adding resellers is the detailed auditing & reporting process. The moment your disposable IT hardware assets enters GlobeCom warehouse, our in-house IT technicians conduct a comprehensive audit of every piece of equipment. We create a list of identification numbers, serial numbers starting from the CTO Server to the power supply with their descriptions. At this point, IT technicians have also inspected and evaluated every piece of equipment. That is how we ensure to provide you with remarketing value based on educated knowledge.

Sustainably responsible IT asset disposal

After GlobeCom has inspected all your disposable IT hardware assets the non-functional equipment is recycled environmentally friendly and responsible. By partnering up with Stena Techno World- one of Europe’s leading electronics recyclers GlobeCom ensures that your retired and nonfictional IT hardware assets do not contribute to the electronic waste problem. Read more here on how your business can benefit the planet when partnering with GlobeCom.

Does IT equipment have remarketing potential the flow chart

Data Erasure

If agreed upon all your hard drives will be wiped. GlobeCom guarantees 100% certified data erasure. And we also provide you with data erasure reports, so you don’t have to take our word for it. Our in-house IT technicians execute professional data erasure, which follows the NIST 800-88 rv1 standard.

Need help? Get in touch

No business is the same. And no solution fits all. Therefore, GlobeCom offers flexible ITAD services that align with your business goals and respect your needs. You are always welcome to contact us for more information.

asset recovery
Asset Recovery
data center relocation
Data Center Relocation
spares and upgrades
Spare Parts & Upgrades