Do you want to lower your costs and expenditures by selling your used hardware?

At GlobeCom we have the resources to manage your IT disposal responsibilities cutting your costs and eliminate the asset disposal logistics.

We provide free, comprehensive, cost-effective services to completely and safely retire your used equipment and recover value from any assets that remain marketable.
Through our buyback option, we purchase old equipment that still has value – regardless of brand, meaning you’re always able to sell your used hardware to us.

And for IT assets without market value we are able to provide environmental-friendly and safe disposal service for a minor fee.

If you have large quantities of retired equipment – Please request a quote to sell your used hardware at or by using the contactform below.

GlobeCom will arrange for your equipment to be picked up at your office location. Our unique buy back & recycling program is available worldwide. Read more at Stock and Pickup.

Want to sell your used hardware? Get a quote today!