Refurbished IT hardware warranty - how does it work?

Refurbished IT Hardware Warranty – How Does It Work

Refurbished IT equipment is reliable, cost- and environmentally friendly alternative to buying brand new equipment. However, just like any IT hardware also refurbished can break or malfunction. So, what is the process behind claiming a refurbished IT hardware warranty? How do IT reseller companies issue warranties to their products? What do you need to keep in mind when choosing the right IT reseller regarding the warranty?

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How to keep running IT operations despite the long lead times?

Manufacturer lead times are continuously prolonged. What can you do after brand new equipment has been purchased? Should you sit back, and hope the order will arrive on time or perhaps it is better to extend the lifespan of your current IT infrastructure? And do you know what other businesses are doing already? Find answers to these questions in this article.

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