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GlobeCom Extranet: a complete audit list and sales statistics one sign in away

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Detailed auditing process and full transparency throughout the remarketing process

Maximizing the return on investment when disposing of end-of-service IT equipment is every IT manager’s dream. However, they have more important tasks to focus on. In addition, auditing every single piece of equipment is a time-consuming process.

Therefore, IT managers place their confidence in a hardware disposal company to get the job done. 

Usually, the IT reseller and the IT manager agree on a buyback price. The IT resellers tend to bid based on the assumption that the IT equipment has a minimum working configuration. The IT manager will get a lower buyback price than the actual residual value. Such deals are good for IT resellers but not for IT managers.

That is not how GlobeCom does our business. 

The detailed auditing process and full transparency throughout the remarketing process differentiate us from the competitors.

We’ve provided our customers with detailed audit lists, including all the spare parts for years.

And now we’ve gone digital.

GlobeCom Extranet: get a complete overview of your end-of-service IT equipment’s inventory and sales stats

Welcome our newest digital advancement – GlobeCom Extranet. 

A digital system developed in-house allows our customers to have an overview of their end-of-service IT equipment situated at our warehouse and its sales stats. 

Since every spare part is meticulously inspected and audited, our customers gain a complete overview of their inventory. We also create a separate report listing all the broken parts or those without a reselling value. So, nothing slips through the cracks.

GlobeCom Extranet - complete audit list and sales statistics

What information does GlobeCom Extranet provide?

GlobeCom Extranet provides customers with a dashboard with sales statistics and an overview of all the return batches and single items – everything registered after part numbers.

This way, you know which items are still at our warehouse, which have been successfully resold, and for what price.

See the video below to have a closer look.

100% transparency. No remarketing in the dark. One sign-in away.

Do you want to know more about GlobeCom Extranet and our transparent remarketing process? Please get in touch with or call us directly at +45 77 34 83 30 – we would love to chat with you!