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Here is the deal-breaker

Your current IT hardware assets are most likely as young as 3 years old but still working properly. In fact, the average life span of IT hardware equipment is much longer than you think- 5+ years! In other words- these hardware assets retain a value that can be returned.


Sell your retired IT equipment

The need for brand new IT hardware is not uncommon to us- you need to stay updated with the brand-new technologies, latest software, and much more. Buying new equipment usually means that there will be some retired IT hardware looking for a new home. That’s where GlobeCom comes into the picture.

We will help you with asset recovery and maximize the IT hardware in question. We test, data erase, re-market or recycle parts in an environmentally friendly way. The experienced team will make sure to optimize the process for your benefit.

Turn retired IT hardware assets into money

+100 000 unique parts in stock and ready to ship

We offer you the original products from all the best brands, such as Cisco, Sun, HP, IBM, EMC, HITACHI, and much more – along with our expertise. Our speciality is to provide refurbished hardware equipment, including end-of-life (EOL) products.

We pursue to reduce your expenditures while keeping top-quality solutions and environmental protection, along with providing an on-site configuration and testing of equipment at all times. Check out our most popular products page to see what we have in stock today.

Proof of Concept

Read our anonymous case study showcasing how GlobeCom helped a worldwide tech company decommission IT hardware from A to Z and then audited every piece of equipment to ensure no remarketing in the dark.

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Every hardware asset reaches final stage of IT operations

And suddenly your business is faced with a dilemma of what do to with your retired IT equipment.

Time is of utmost importance- the longer you wait more money you lose by letting your old hardware assets collect dust and depreciate. 

With more than 30 years’ experience in the field, GlobeCom can help you increase the return of investment tailored to your needs.

What to do with retired IT hardware assets?