We, at GlobeCom Data destruction, are good at many things – but we also know our limitations. And when there is something we can’t do, we make sure to find the best partners to co-operate with us to provide the best service for our customers.

When it comes to recycling we have partnered up with the best in the business: STENA TECHNOWORLD – All treatment plants are working according to ISO 14001 and the local regulations – Which is your insurance of the highest possible recycling rate, the highest possible environmental considerations, and the best possible quality.

Now how does the recycling process takes place?

First, they remove all dangerous fractions, which happens by a manual process to prevent any possible environmental contaminations and ensure the cleanliness of the finished fractions. Some of the substance that is being removed could be mercury, capacitors, batteries, lead, and asbestos.

After being manually treated, the fragments will be treated with the innovative process for further recycling, which includes the PMR plant (Precious Metal Recycling) that ensures a high efficiency and recovery rate.

After fragmentation, the plastic materials are being treated in their indoor plastic recovery center, also called PRC (Plastic Recycling Center). Recycled plastic, which is in good condition, is being sorted from the plastic, which is not; as it contains brominated flame-retardants.

This entire process ends with a 100 % tamper-proof report.

Do you want to hear more about this process or our service – Please contact us through datadestruction@globecom.eu.