GlobeCom is a company specialized in Asset resale, which is older and often refurbished equipment sold to a different company. We work with a wide variety of customers and businesses and continue to grow. We sell all kinds of equipment and have specialized in handling; IT Enterprise, IT Consumer and Medical equipment.

The Asset resale process have 4 steps, these steps help relocate your used equipment and give your company a chance to get back some of the money invested into the equipment. The 4 steps are as following:

  • Asset Remarketing and Buyback – GlobeCom always tries to maximize the return on the assets we handle for our clients. All equipment handled by us is data wiped with the appropriate certification and we always ensure that the equipment is in good condition. Our sales team is able to reach clients worldwide and help relocate equipment fast, secure and discreetly.
  • Asset Inspection and Audit – Your equipment is inspected to determine the condition and confirming if the equipment is viable for resale. GlobeCom is highly qualified to undertake any and all inspections. We make sure everything is handled discreetly and professionally at all times by our experienced technicians, who all undergo strict internal training in all sorts of equipment.
  • Asset Valuation – Before we can start the remarketing of your equipment, we have to determine the value. We deliver Asset Valuation on both the equipment you wish to sell right away and the equipment you would later want to replace. We advise the best route for you and your equipment based on our inspection and valuation processes, meaning you’re sure to get the best market price for your used equipment.
  • Asset Recovery and Collection – GlobeCom arranges both the collection at your site and storage of your equipment. The cost of service depends on the equipment involved, and the duration of storing the equipment. GlobeCom works with a range of globally trusted freight forwarders which are able to securely deliver your equipment from your site to us. All equipment is protected at our location both during the storage time and the testing and sorting processes.

Simply put, we care for your equipment. Therefore we are with you every step of the way, guiding and instructing you in order to get the best return on your investment. If you have any questions regarding Asset resale or refurbished equipment in general, please feel free to contact us either at or through the contact form below. We are ready to help you with your asset resale.